• I covered the protest in NYC that marched to Times Square last week.

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  • When I was in Los Angeles.

  • When I was in Los Angeles.

  • Word on the street is that there’s going to be a big protest regarding the Ferguson shooting of Michael Brown at Union Square tonight at 7pm. I just boarded a train back to NYC so that I can be there for it. 

    Stories like these deserve photographs. 

    UPDATE: Learned that there are two separate movements attempting to use Union Square, as well as a number of other locations around the city. #NMOS (national moment of silence) is holding vigils. Anonymous is apparently trying to co-opt these vigils as protests as part of a #DayOfRage.

    I will be at Union Sq. in the capacity of covering the vigil, not as a protester. Should anything develop into a larger scale event, I’ll have it on film.