• see, told you it looks good.

  • Finished up the edit for a recent job , got myself a shiny new domain name (don’t worry christopherlangephoto.com still works too), finished designing my new business cards (they look baller) and half way through the laundry list of various other things I’ve wanted to get done for the past couple weeks. 

    Being that it’s 90 degrees outside right now though, time to go grab an iced coffee before heading to TBA & Output. 

    Not a bad thursday at all.

  • I think I’m done being in a creative rut now.

  • missed me?

  • Maggie Foster

    this is begging to be printed in platinum/palladium…

  • I was asked to photograph Yuriy Sergeyev [right], ambassador (Permanent Representative) of Ukraine to the US before he spoke at the Harvard Club in New York the other evening.

  • Same goes for this one.